Brandon Groth, MS

Head Strength Coach, Front Desk Manager

Brandon's favorite things about Hardpressed are the clients and the community culture. Additionally, he likes knowing that his clients will have a training experience unlike any other, since what Hardpressed offers is so unique.

Brandon enjoys training clients who like to push themselves to their limits. He says, "I like clients who come ready to train and ready to prove themselves. By the end of their session, they've gone outside their comfort zone and that's the best, because I can see the physical and mental reward it provides."

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Education and Experience 

  • MS Kinesiology, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • BS Kinesiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Intern Strength & Conditioning Coach, UIC

  • Intern EFT Sports Performance


  • NASM - CPT

Brandon Outside the Weightroom

In his free time, Brandon enjoys hanging out with his friends and trying new places to eat around the city. His favorite time of year is "Summertime Chi" because he loves the sun and staying social. During the colder months, you can find Brandon watching The Office or binge-watching a new series on Netflix. He watches The Office so much that he's actually been called the real life Jim Halpert.

Brandon has a love for sports and grew up playing football and basketball. Outside of his athletic achievements, he most recently became a published author in the International Journal of Wrestling Science. He worked on a team of researchers to evaluate the most appropriate measures for targeting weight class among wrestlers. 

He was born and raised in Edison Park, IL and currently resides in the River North neighborhood. Outside of Hardpressed, you can find him lounging at a rooftop pool or at Whole Foods, where he does all of his shopping.


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Client Testimonials

"Brandon- he's silent but deadly. Brandon is such a nice guy, but don't let that soft shell fool you. His workouts get harder each and every session because he wants to make sure I am pushed to my limits. Brandon is the type of trainer you never want to disappoint- with him you want to have to prove yourself.  3 words to describe Brandon: Nice, Tough, Motivating.”       

                -  Heidi Follendorf

“I like to call Brandon "The Silent Killer" because although he may be soft spoken, his sessions are no joke. The best part about Brandon's training style is that he knows exactly where my breaking points are on every exercise and he will not let me stop until I've made it there. He knows what to say right when I'm about to give up and pushes me past what I think I'm capable of EVERY session. I also love his focus on form and breathing, which has kept me injury-free and given me the ability to progress so much faster. Cannot recommend him enough!” 

                -  Rachel Greenberg

“Brandon is a very positive, professional encouraging trainer whose number one focus is to make me stronger. I am consistently able to get 15 repetitions on the leg press, while the voice inside my head is saying there’s no way I’ll get past 7. Brandon is like a silent assassin. With a wry smile, he’ll put you through a very rigorous workout.”

- John Orsini, SVP and CFO at Northwestern Memorial Healthcare