Brent O'Halloran

Assistant Strength Coach

Brent's favorite thing about Hardpressed is the family feel between the clients and co-workers. He says, "At Hardpressed, the community is everything: you don't get that anywhere else. At HP, each and every person matters."

Brent enjoys training clients who have a passion for fitness and are driven to meet their goals. He believes all of our clients at Hardpressed possess that devotion and determination. 




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Education and Experience

  • BA Exercise Science at Concordia University Chicago

  • High school varsity wrestling coach at Walther Christian Academy

  • Personal trainer at XSport Fitness


Brent Outside the Weightroom

In his free time, Brent enjoys barbecuing and cooking on the grill. As a kid, Brent loved watching his father grill on the weekends and so eventually, Brent learned how it was done and started cooking on his own. His favorite thing to make are steaks and burgers.  You can check out pictures of his creations on his Instagram page @grill_masta_brent. 

Brent was born in South Dakota and raised in Minnesota, which has influenced his love for country music.  Brent is a huge Starwars and Marvel fan. He used to collect Starwars figurines as a hobby. He has seen all of the movies a countless number of times. One thing Brent wishes he could do would be to be fluent in many different languages. 

If you ask anyone in the gym, three words that describe Brent are:  nice, hardworking and humble.





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Client Testimonials

“Working with Brent, you will quickly realize that he will only accept your best, and will push you on each and every rep until he knows you're putting in the full effort! He is quiet, but is extremely focused on form and movement and will not let you get away with anything subpar!” 

                         - Frank Kuhlmann

 “Brent is a creative trainer that can meet demands on the fly. I aggravated an old injury in my hip flexor at the beginning of a 5:15am session and Brent made sure to still give me an incredible workout, while only using seated upper body exercises. He didn’t miss a beat that early in the morning and I didn’t realize the changes he’d made until he told me afterwards. I was so exhausted that I never noticed he had modified the workout to protect my hip flexor. As a previous personal trainer, I appreciate how quickly he was able to modify the workout to my unexpected needs.” 

- Rory Nolan, Sales Director