Dan Geraci, MS

Founder, Head Strength Coach

Why I started Hardpressed

When I went from working in athletics to personal training, there was only one stark difference: people didn't know how hard they were capable of exercising. With Hardpressed I sought to provide the tools and the coaching that people needed to get the most from their training.

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Education and Experience 

  • MS Exercise Physiology at Eastern Michigan ’05

  • BS Kinesiology at University of Michigan ’02

  • University of Michigan Football Assistant Strength Coach ’03-’05

  • University of Michigan Athletics Student Strength Coach ’01-’03

  • University of Illinois-Chicago Assistant Strength Coach ’05-’06

Dan Outside the Weightroom

I spend most of my time at work. Outside of Hardpressed, I enjoy playing with my dog Skipper. I adopted him in April of 2017 from One Tail at a Time, when I was recovering from open heart surgery. I enjoy taking him to the park and for walks on the beach.

I like listening to podcasts, namely Bill Simmons and Pod Save America. I also spend my free time watching a good Netflix or HBO series. My most recent shows are Ozarks, American Vandal and Narcos. I read books such as, ‘Branded from the Beginning’ and ‘Slavery by Another Name’.

I was born and raised on Long Island and attended the University of Michigan, where I learned the basis of our exercise programs.


Client Testimonials

"One of the things I enjoy most about training with Dan is that I enjoy training. Even when I'm pushed outside of my comfort zone or when I’m exhausted from the previous night, I genuinely look forward to my time with Dan. It can be very intimidating to start strength training, especially as a woman, but the atmosphere at Hardpressed immediately puts you at ease. The spirit of encouragement and support Dan has built at Hardpressed is a rarity in the fitness community in Chicago."

                           - Susan Cholakian