Jeremy Clements

Conditioning Coach

Jeremy's favorite thing about Hardpressed is being able to work with clients of all different experience levels and abilities. He says, "Whether you are a former professional athlete or someone who is brand new to strength training or conditioning, if you have a positive attitude and are ready to work, I'm all in."

Jeremy believes that establishing a good rapport with his clients is essential for success. His goals are to listen to his clients and tailor the workouts to their specific needs. Once those two things are met, he is ready to turn up the heat.

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Education and Experience 

  • Trainer at SWEAT Fitness

  • NASM - CPT

  • Four-year collegiate athlete (football)

  • Competed in five half-marathons




Jeremy Outside the Weightroom

By day, Jeremy works in sales for a logistics brokerage firm, but as of October 2018, he will full-time at Hardpressed as a strength coach and a conditioning coach. 

Jeremy is a true athlete. He played four years of college football and has competed in five half marathons. His goal within the next two years is to complete a 70.3 half IRONMAN. This would make him the first of the HP crew!

Jeremy lived in Rochester, New York his whole life before moving to Chicago on a whim in 2013. He is one of three brothers and shares the same birthday as his mom. 

Here are a few more fun facts about Jeremy:

  • He's never had a cup of coffee in his entire life

  • His last meal would be a plate of extra crispy bacon

  • He's an aspiring minimalist

  • Although he's not allergic, he's extremely scared of bees

  • The movie Armageddon makes him cry, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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Client Testimonials

"Jeremy is as nice as a guy could be, but don't let this fool you because his classes are merciless. I can't rave enough about Jeremy and the enthusiasm, intensity, and positive energy he brings to class each day. Hardpressed is very lucky to have him, as are the clients who get to benefit from his professionalism and wealth of experience."

                     -Jordan Salins, Manager