Jacqueline Howard

Conditioning Coach

Jacqueline's favorite thing about Hardpressed is simply being able to train: something that she loves to do. She wants her clients to know how sincere she is in helping them improve in their fitness journey!

Jaq says, "I enjoy coaching everyone, but there is something special about training a client who is starting their fitness journey. It's so incredible to watch someone get stronger, build more endurance and really change their lifestyle." 

Jaq HP.jpg

Education and Experience 

  • BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Finance

  • Group Exercise Instructor since 2002, specializing in interval training, rowing, cycling and dance

  • Former AFL and NBA Cheerleader




Jaq Outside the Weightroom

When she's not busy coaching classes at Hardpressed, Jaq works as a creative director in the advertising industry, designing print collateral and commercials for large brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Walgreens. 

Jaq has an extensive background in the dancing industry. She is a classically trained ballerina and danced and toured with a professional Hip Hop company for seven years! She is also a former AFL and NBA cheerleader, which makes it easy for her to get clients pumped up for class, while keeping a smile on her face. This love for dance and the need to be strong was what made her fall into fitness.

Here are a few more fun facts about Jaq:

  • She owns two motorcycles

  • She is a cancer survivor

  • She once saw Slipknot, while hanging out with Wu-Tang Clan

  • She used to host an underground pop-up supper club

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