Kyle Slaven

Head Strength Coach, Facilities Manager

Kyle's favorite thing about Hardpressed is helping clients progress in their workouts and gain more confidence in themselves, inside and outside the gym. 

He enjoys training clients who are willing to learn and work on their form and who come into each session ready to give their all.

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Education and Experience 

  • B.S. Exercise Science Ball State University

Kyle Outside the Weightroom

Kyle was born in Ohio and raised in Munster, Indiana. In 2013, he made the move to Chicago to start at Hardpressed. He currently lives in Roscoe Village, with his fiance-Faith, dog-Apollo, and cat-Javier. He enjoys taking Apollo for long walks around the neighborhood and spending his nights cuddling with Javier, while watching The Office.

Kyle is open to try any outdoor activity; he especially like hiking, going for bike rides and playing Frisbee. Additionally, he has a passion for cooking and loves to barbecue. If Kyle wasn't working as a strength coach, he would pursue a career as a chef.  Even though he is a great cook, he will admit his favorite food is Faith's enchiladas.

Here are a few other fun facts about Kyle:

  • If he won the lottery, the first thing he'd do is buy his dad and himself a Corvette

  • He has never met anyone famous, but if he could, it'd be Payton Manning or Ray Lewis


Kyle Training.jpg

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Client Testimonials

"Kyle’s commitment to your overall health doesn’t end after the 30 minutes. He’s with you every step of the way to ensure your reaching your peak performance, while remaining injury free. I'm not too crazy about spending my hard earned cash, but Kyle’s worth every penny."

                       - Paul Gordon, Owner of Cruisin’ Canines

"Kyle's easygoing personality quickly eliminated my preconceptions that weight lifting with a strength coach would be intimidating and stressful. He is as dedicated as his clients are and has an unbelievable work ethic! Don't let his unassuming nature mislead you - he will push you as far as you can go and if you have any doubts in your ability he'll be happy to remind you  "You're still breathing, you're fine, keep going" .

                       - Lisa Richards, Director of HR

"Kyle is great for seniors, like me. He carefully watches and corrects my form, while keeping me injury free and working around my bad back, tendonitis or whatever issue springs up on a given day. I have bone density way above average for my age group.  Go Kyle and seniors get busy and call him now he’s a busy guy.

                          - Barbara

"Kyle is one of the most welcoming people I have trained with. Walking into each session I know that he will be attentive to my technique while effectively challenging and pushing me. I leave every session proud of what he was able to help me achieve for that day." 

                          - Christina Kjolhede, Solution Architect