Mariah Carroll

Assistant Strength Coach

Mariah's favorite thing about Hardpressed is being able to empower clients through weightlifting. She says, "With weightlifting, clients not only get physically stronger- but mentally stronger- which can help improve their confidence in and outside the gym."

Overall, Mariah loves training everyone.  But outside of the norm, Mariah loves training clients who may lack motivation or be lost in their fitness journey. That way, she can share her energy and passion with her clients to help them find their own inspiration.

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Education and Experience

  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Trainer Certification

  • Group Fitness Instructor of over 4 years

  • Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor


Mariah Outside the Weightroom

In her free time, Mariah likes to travel. The most memorable traveling experience she has had was traveling island to island in Greece, while living on a yacht.  In addition to traveling, Mariah has a love for the art of tattoos. She's currently on working on finishing her Japanese style leg sleeve. Fun fact:  she falls asleep while getting tattooed!  Now that's tough!

Mariah has a passion for body building. She has competed in seven body building shows and is nationally qualified in the figure division. She loves the sport because she believes that each individual is an artist of their own body and has the ability to sculpt their body into what they want it to be.

Her favorite food is a burger from Kuma's Corner or a plate from Honey Butter Chicken.

She was born in Berwyn, IL and now lives in the River North neighborhood.  You may have seen her around the fitness world, as she is also an instructor at Shred 415.

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Client Testimonials

"Mariah is intense, positive, and invested in her clients, both inside and outside the gym. She doesn’t allow my doubts to drive our sessions and I can trust that if she says I can do a weight, I can. Knowing that Mariah is committed to helping me grow keeps me coming back each week."

                           - Michelle Vulich

“Mariah takes whatever I bring to the table on a given day and multiplies it by ten through her energy, goal-crushing attitude, and belief in my growth! Mariah is the ultimate cheerleader and is an excellent and kind trainer. In addition to keeping me working hard, she always remembers to check in on what's going on in my life. 3 words to describe Mariah: Believer in the impossible (that's four, but...)”

- Elizabeth Clark