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Patrick O’Connor

Conditioning Coach

Patrick’s favorite thing about Hardpressed is the format of the workouts. He says, “As a previous strength client of Dan's and then as a conditioning client, I know our format works. Its the best workout in town and it doesn't take an hour to do.”

Patrick enjoys training new clients because they are usually a little unsure of what they just signed up for. But as the class goes on, with encouragement from himself and the other class participants, they end up loving it!

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Education and Experience 

  • Junior National Tennis Player for 13 years

  • NASM certified




Patrick Outside the Weightroom

When Patrick is not busy coaching, he loves to workout and stay active. He makes sure to get in his relaxation time by watching TV (especially Game of Thrones and VEEP). He also enjoys watching any kind of superhero movie.

Patrick lives in the River North neighborhood, right off of Michigan Avenue, even though he admits the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue is a bit much! He was born and raised in Adrian, a small town in Southeast Michigan.

Patrick loves traveling and has been to several countries around the world!

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