Peter Tamulewicz

Assistant Strength Coach

Pete's favorite thing about Hardpressed is the clients because they're fun to train, they're all different and they all keep me on my toes!

Pete enjoys training clients from all different backgrounds; he enjoys the variety, whether it be from helping a client rehab an injury to working with a former athlete to get stronger. He says, "Just come in ready to work hard and I'll take care of the rest."


Pete training 1.jpg

Education and Experience 

  • B.S Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Eastern Illinois University

  • Dynamic Sports Training Intern

  • University of Houston Track and Field member

  • NSCA Certified

  • CSCS Certified

Peter Outside the Weightroom

Pete is an avid sports fan and will talk about sports until he's blue in the face. His favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, New England Patriots and University of Alabama Football.  His love for sports grew out of his own experience as a four-year collegiate athlete (long jump). Pete hit a personal record jump of 24 feet, 5 inches! Participating at the Division I level has been one of Pete's biggest accomplishments so far.

Pete's life outside sports consist of going for walks and watching the TV Shows: Shameless and Better Call Saul. He is also a big fan of Disney World and frequently visits there (with his nephew of course) because "it's great."  His favorite Disney movie is Toy Story, with The Lion King as a close second.

Here are a few more fun facts about Pete:

  • One thing on his bucket list is to travel the world

  • His most frequently used emoji is the "crying laughing emoji"

  • He grew up in Chicago and currently resides in Hyde Park

Pete's life motto is "Geaux Further. Always go beyond your limits." 

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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been training with Pete for well over a year and he has pushed me to get stronger, more explosive, and balanced. We talked about what success would look like and he built a plan to get me there. He's highly intelligent, motivating, and an all around good guy, I would highly recommend Pete to anyone serious about their training.” 

                        - Andrew Tuttle, Cybersecurity Executive


"I have knee injuries that show up in a variety of places in my lower body. Pete knows how to rehab and work with these limitations, while still give me a grueling workout. He's always able to make recommendations or adjustments to help alleviate any problems, but he also knows when to pump the brakes and put my safety first. I have found that I can fully trust his judgement." 

                         - Raquel Pittman, General Manager at Peritius Consulting


"Pete is an excellent trainer. He is high energy and motivates me through both goal setting and mental toughness. He was a division I college track athlete, and he brings that athletic drive and knowledge into his training. He has helped train elite pro athletes, and he uses those techniques and focus on form in his training at HP. He also loves sports and is fun to chat with about any recent sports news." 

                          - Marc Siegel